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Our Challenge

How can we help to the ophthamologists to accelerate the screening of retinal diseases in order to detect disorders at their early stage?

Our Technology

DreamUp Vision builds an innovative retinal analysis engine based on the state-of-the art machine learning known as deep learning. It performs a quick detection of complicated patterns in retinal images.

Our Solutions

Our solutions are web and mobile applications which can be used by Healthcare professionals staying in permanent contact with a diabetic patient. They facilitate early diagnosis of the different retinal disorders.

Our Challenge


  • The total number of blind people is about 39 million, and of the visually impaired is approximately 285 million. The leading causes are cataract, glaucoma, macular degeneration, corneal opacities, diabetic retinopathy and eye conditions in children. The preventable causes of visual impairment are approximately 80% of the total cases. Early diagnosis plays an invaluable role in such cases.
  • Diabetic retinopathy (DR) is the major cause for the blindness in the working-age population. Diabetic retinopathy is caused by diabetes. Statistically more than 75% of people who had diabetes for more than 20 years will have some form of DR.
  • The early detection of DR could prevent blindness. The problem is that DR usually shows no symptoms before the later stages where the blindness cannot be avoided. The early diagnosis in the blood vessels of the retina can be made through regular retina monitoring. The regular retina analysis of diabetic patients is a worldwide problem, because nearly 3 million eyes will need to be evaluated by the ophthalmologists each day by 2030 (35 exams per second).
  • Another problem is the decrease of the number of ophthalmologists. We have a 54 % increase in the diabetes population against 2% growth in the number of ophthalmologists for 2030.
  • Besides, most people (80%) with diabetes live in low-income countries where the ophthalmologists are hardly accessible. In developed countries diabetic patients are supposed to visit an ophthalmologist each year, but in practice they do it even each 2-5 years which prevents early detection of the retina disorders.

DreamUp Vision is aiming to help the healthcare professionals benefit from the latest advances in machine learning to create better retinal screening in order to detect the eye diseases at their early stage. .

Our technology

  • Our technologies are based on state-of-the art machine learning techniques, called deep learning. These algorithms were partly developed from within the company DreamQuark. At DreamQuark, as former particle physicists, we use our expertise of Big Data analysis and efficient algorithm design to reinvent how data analysis is performed in the healthcare sector. We know how to deal with complex images, and how to detect even the smallest, invisible effects. We work closely with healthcare professionals who give us invaluable medical expertise.
  • These days we live in the era of Artificial Intelligence revolution via developments done in the field of deep learning algorithms. Computers have learned to recognize objects in pictures, they learned to write like humans, they can drive cars, they are able to read emotions in our faces and in our voice, they are even able to dream and they have learned how to paint a-la Van Gogh. What is the difference between Deep Learning techniques and more traditional cognitive technologies? Let's say we want to recognize different objects on an image. Before the appearance of deep learning, a lot of feature engineering was needed in order to sum up the information contained in an image - or data in general - to simplify the decision process. Indeed, the classic Machine learning tools have difficulties to deal from complex data and human expertise is required to extract what is meaningful in the data, before feeding this preprocessed data to the algorithm. With Deep Learning on the other hand, the algorithm learns itself what is the best simplified representation of the data and what decision to take. Deep Learning Techniques allows to outperform the more traditional methods in performance and to address issues that were not available to the machine before.

Our solutions

  • DreamUp Vision has developed a cognitive learning engine which relies on deep-learning technologies. This engine is a powerful tool in the image analysis and the detection of the disorders. Our technology allows us detection of the stages of retinopathy with the performances of the professional ophthalmologists in milliseconds. This engine can be implemented both the online web-application as mobile application, or integrated directly into fundus camera. The retinal photo can be provided from any fundus camera. It can be analyzed online from any location, including from the retinopathy telemedicine centers existing in some countries. In these centers, the patients can take an appointment in order to have a retina photo taken by nurses or orthoptists. These photos are then sent to professional ophthalmologists in order to be analyzed. Our solution could analyse the image directly at the center and thus to palliate to the leakage of ophthalmologists.
  • Mobile non-mydriatic fundus cameras allow today allow to take a high-quality photo of the optical fundus without pupil dilation. This kind of devices has numerous positive aspects. Thus, the act of retinal scan becomes a simple medical act which can be done by other health professionals then ophthalmologists. We address to the health professionals which are most often in contact with diabetic patients, in other words: general practitioners, diabetologists, ophthalmologists, orthoptists, nurses etc. Another aspect is the relatively low price of such a device which makes it accessible. The photo taken with such a device is then automatically analyzed by our artificial intelligence engine which detects the stage of the disease and then propose an urgent appointment with an available ophthalmologist.


Web and mobile application linked to a visual recognition system able to distinguish the presence of a retinal abnormality on the basis of a fundus photo.


  • iOS, Android
  • Responsive web aplication


  • Screening
  • Diagnostics
  • Monitoring
  • Improvement of care


  • general practitioners
  • diabetologists
  • ophthalmologists
  • orthoptists
  • nurses

Our Team


Ekaterina Besse, PhD

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Ekaterina is the founder of DreamUp Vision. Ekaterina has a PhD degree in Theoretical Particle Physics. During her PhD studies at the Institut de Physique Théorique of the CEA Saclay, she had high-quality training in using and developing Monte-Carlo models, in numerical simulation of hydrodynamic systems for the modelisation of the quark-gluon plasma created in heavy-ion collisions at the LHC (CERN, Geneva) and RHIC (BNL, Brookhaven) colliders, as well as in experimental analysis of Particle Physics data. After her PhD, she joined DreamQuark as Chief Operating Officer and was developing deep learning algorithms and managing healthcare projects. During her Master studies in the Nuclear department of Moscow State University, she won many prizes and graduated finally with the red diploma awarded to the best students of the promotion. She plays piano, and practices sports when she has some time. Ekaterina is a President of the R&D commission of France eHealthTech, association that unite startups in the sector of e-health and well-being in France.


Nicolas Meric, PhD

Co-Founder and Director of Strategy

Nicolas is the co-founder of DreamUp Vision and the founder of DreamQuark. After finishing a PhD in both theoretical and experimental physics with a CNRS silver medal researcher and the director of the ATLAS experiment team in Paris, where some of his work has been presented at Harvard, Nicolas decided to apply what he has learned and developed during his PhD to help healthcare professionals use data to find better diagnostic, prevention and care approaches. He helped launch in parallel an initiative to improve the connection between companies and PhD students. Nicolas is concentrated on the business develoment of DreamUp Vision company. Nicolas is an entrepreneur paradoxically a scientist and a dreamer. He is passionate about digital technologies, company strategy and science. He is very active contributing to associations. Kind of daredevil, he is practicing Nanbudo, a Japanese martial art, although conciliating this with the company management is sometimes hard.



Board Member & Vice President Global Alliances

With 20-year international corporate experience in North America, Europe and Asia, Tram is passionate about market creation. Today Tram helps digital health medtech start-ups or SMEs that want to expand in Europe shape their strategy, land their ideal customers or their next strategic milestone. Rapid results are achieved with her “door- opener” process. Tram Trinh founded VITAnLINK with one mission: instill hands-on & timely execution, grow and build out-of-the-box opportunities for/with the best people in the digital health medtech landscape.Prior to VITAnLINK, she was instrumental in shaping new services within the MedTech & Diagnostics industry. At Johnson&Johnson OCD, she took the responsibility of Project Leader France for the CEO office, then moved to Market Development Director France and to Europe Middle East and Africa Head Marketing Services with 2 J&J Standards of leadership Awards joining also the J&J International "High-Po" Pool. In 2009, she was Welch Allyn General Manager looking after the French speaking countries to create, expand, structure markets & teams including launching the company’s first connected vital signs devices in Europe. Prior to her healthcare journey, she co-structured in 1994 Ernst&Young Audit’s first business in Vietnam & Cambodia before joining the EY Paris office. She also co-founded motion waves start-up. She had been a long time member of the CJD network of French Entrepreneurs and teaching moderator at the CNAM Art et Métiers Innovation Management Program. Tram is one of the founding executive members at Avenir Femmes Santé, a French Not-For-Profit Association for women’s health. She is also a Mentor and Advisory Board Member at key European, Israeli and North American health startup Accelerators and European Patient Associations. She holds an MBA from McGill University Canada, an Executive Management Certificate from Columbia University and an American CPA license from New Hampshire Board of Accounting, US. She is on the Board of the IPEL Ivy Plus European Leaders international think tank and a NextGen member at AmCham France. Tram lives in Paris and loves Tai Chi.


Dr. Edouard Colas

Chief Medical Officer

Ophthalmologist at the 15-20 ("Quinze-Vingts") French National Ophtalmic Center in Paris, France. Fellow of the European Board of Ophthalmology, he received the MD degree from Pierre et Marie Curie Paris University in 2013. He is specialized in medical and surgical retinal diseases, trains ophthalmology residents and has participated in several books and scientific papers. He is also the ophtalmology expert of MeltingDoc, the first app which connects French doctors and helps them solve complex medical cases.


Adrien Besse, PhD

Associate, Deep learning and Data analysis expertise

Former student of Ecole Normale Supérieure of Lyon, PhD in Particle Physics, Adrien is Chief Research Officer of DreamQuark and provide DreamUp Vision company with his high-level expertise in deep learning. With an experience of one year postdoctoral fellowship at the Service of Physique Nucléaire of the CEA and the PhD studies at the Laboratoire de Physique Théorique of Orsay, his competences in theoretical physics as well as in mathematics are the necessary asset in the development of the artificial intelligence engine and of the statistical models that are developed by the DreamQuark company.


Axel Orgogozo

Associate, Deep learning and Data analysis expertise

Axel is Chief Technology Officer of DreamQuark and provides DreamUp Vision with his high-quality expertise on Deep Learning and Computer vision expertise. Axel has done his PhD work at the Laboratoire de Physique theorique of the Ecole Normale Superieure of Paris in Theoretical Particle Physics. His analytical and programming skills are an important asset to develop deep learning technics and to study innovative technologies. Axel also develops 3D-graphics for computer games in his free time.


Armen Verdian, MBA

Associate, Finances and Strategy

Armen accompanies DreamUp Vision on the strategic and financial plans. Co-founder and CEO of GA Partners, specializing in business combination and development of innovative start-ups, Armen has also co-founded CellProthera, a French biotech company that has developed a post-infarct cardiac regeneration therapy by injection autologous hematopoietic stem cells; Quintesens, an innovative brand of health food; Wakie, a tech start-up specialized in the sharing of experience through the voice incubated at Y Combinator. He isis also one of the investors of DreamQuark. Armen is a graduate of ESCP (Finance) of Paris IV Sorbonne (History) and paris II Assas (Law).

Accelerators and Medical Advisors



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